Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our First Apartment

It seems that married couples always have stories about their first apartments, so I thought I would try to document mine and Andrew's first home. I was going to take some updated pictures, but then I looked at the ones Andrew posted on Facebook when he first moved in and realized that not much has changed since then.

There is definitely more stuff on the countertops and we have some more shelving (these pictures were taken prior to unwrapping all our wedding gifts, after all), but it's nothing special. That's what happens when you find out you're moving so soon after moving in. We haven't bothered to put much up on the walls or do much in the way of decorating because it's already starting to look like this again:

Things I will miss about this apartment:
  • The giant master bath
  • The half bedroom turned mini library
  • Playing with our landlord's dog on occasion
Things I will not miss about this apartment:
  • The abundance of noise that emanates from upstairs (we can hear everything)
  • Living in a basement (I need more natural light!)
  • The ridiculous misuse of so much space
  • The weird shelving in our closet
  • The near-complete absence of kitchen storage and counter space
  • The abysmal commute to work

That isn't to say that this apartment is a bad apartment. The family that lives upstairs is super nice, and Holly and Blair have been awesome to work with. But there are always going to be things we don't like about a place. And the fact that I seriously cannot wait to move has more to do with my commute than with with the apartment itself.

And speaking of moving, Andrew and I have found a place in Midvale that will hopefully be awesome for us. We move in a mere three and a half weeks, and like I said, I cannot wait. Here are the things I'm looking forward to:
  • A 10-minute (at most) commute for both Andrew and me (hallelujah!)
  • A two-car garage
  • No upstairs or downstairs neighbors (and possibly only one next-door neighbor)
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • A balcony
  • Lots of windows to let in lots of light
  • Walk-in closet without the weird shelving
  • Kitchen counter space
  • Full utility room for our washer and dryer to sit side by side
  • Two on-site pools
  • On-site fitness facility

I could probably keep listing things, but I'll refrain. I can't tell you how excited we both are to live so much closer to work and to actually settle down someplace for a while. I'm not looking forward to the packing and cleaning and sweating that inevitably comes with moving so much stuff (it's amazing how much crap we have), but it'll all be worth it in the end.

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