Saturday, May 18, 2013

Major Purchases

Nothing has made me feel like more of an adult than getting married and making big decisions with my husband. I made plenty of major decisions as a single adult, but it feels like a bigger deal when those decisions have to be arrived at with another person. Not to mention that a lot of those decisions get a lot more expensive when considering two people instead of one.

The past couple of weeks Andrew and I have made some expensive decisions, but I'm super excited about all of them.

Purchase #1: BYU football season tickets

My brothers, my dad, and I have been getting season tickets together for the past four years, and I love going to games. My dad could only get four season tickets, so this year Andrew and I were planning on getting separate seats. But then my dad found out that with changes made this year, he could buy twelve season tickets, which meant we could sit by them instead of sitting by ourselves. I was really glad that I would still get to sit with my family, but it meant that our tickets cost a wee bit more than I was anticipating paying. But I'm pretty sure it will be worth it, since this year's home schedule is pretty awesome.

Purchase #2: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Andrew gets a day off work for my birthday, and out of the blue, he suggested using that extra day to go on a weekend trip. His initial idea was to go to Disneyland, which would have been awesome, but then he did more research and found out that a trip to Florida would cost about the same. So we're going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We'll spend two days in Universal Studios Orlando, and I can't wait. I think it will be so much fun. Our trip package includes a breakfast at the Three Broomsticks, and we also got tickets to see the Blue Man Group. It's going to be an awesome weekend, that's for sure.

Purchase #3: Living room furniture

Andrew and I have been thinking about getting new furniture for our new apartment, so yesterday after work we went and looked at a few furniture stores to get an idea of prices and what we liked. We weren't planning on buying quite yet, but at Ashley Furniture, we got a really good deal that we couldn't pass up. And I got an accent chair, which I really wanted. I just think they add a nice touch to a room. I am so excited for the furniture, especially since the store is holding it until we move into our new place, which means we don't have to move it. It also made me super excited to decorate our apartment and make it our home.

I can't wait to make use of all these purchases, though I also hope these are the last of our major purchases for the next little while, at least.

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