Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wedding Day: Draper Temple

Our pictures are here! Which means I can finally blog about our wedding day. February 19 was a super windy day, especially up at the temple, but it was bright and beautiful and it was one of the warmest days we'd had in a while. The inversion also cleared up for us. I'm so grateful that the weather was good and that it was so gorgeous outside.

The ceremony itself was wonderful. The president of the Draper Temple performed the sealing. President Brown was actually my mom's bishop when she married my dad, which made the day even more special, especially for my mom and my grandma. We had so many friends and family members there, and it was so nice to see everyone who could come and support us.

Prior to our wedding day, Andrew was adamant that he did not want to see me in my wedding dress. He didn't even want to get the first look picture at my bridals—he wanted the surprise to come on our actual wedding day. And since we did still want pictures of the first look, we didn't come out of the temple together. Andrew went out first while I was still changing and stood with his back to the door.

And then I came out and turned him around so he could see my dress for the first time.

His reaction was so sweet. He started crying (again), and I was so happy that he liked what I chose.

The whole gang:

Family/friends of the groom:

Family/friends of the bride:

The Conellys:

The parents:

The Browns:

The bridesmaids:

The groomsmen (minus one because my brother-in-law had to work):

All our pictures were taken by Alyssia Baird, who was awesome. I love our pictures. Stay tuned for another post with even more pictures.

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