Friday, April 5, 2013


Easter was the first major holiday after Andrew and I were married, so I asked him if he wanted to do anything special. His answer was no. Which, incidentally, was okay by me. I'm glad we're not trying to hold each other to a standard of buying gifts for every little holiday—I would quickly run out of things to buy.

But the one thing I did want to do was color Easter eggs. Because I love coloring eggs, and I love eating them once they're colored. Boiled eggs are my favorite.

Andrew picked out a tie-dye kit because he thought it looked cooler than the other ones.

 But when we attempted the tie-dye according to the directions on the kit, this is what the eggs looked like:

Not exactly awesome. So we reverted back to the proven process of egg dying.

On Easter Sunday, we headed up to my grandparents' for the annual Brown family Easter egg hunt. Grandma and Grandpa Brown have the perfect yard for hiding eggs. There are trees and bushes and bird houses and yard decorations. I always loved doing Easter egg hunts there. (And the fact that Grandma always puts money in some of the eggs doesn't hurt either.)

It was fun to spend time with family and eat food and chat. It was also fun to help the little ones find the eggs. I'm so grateful for my family and for how close I am to all of them. I am also so grateful for the resurrection of my Savior, which means that we will all be resurrected and have the opportunity to live with our families for eternity. Because that, after all, is what Easter is all about.

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