Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Everything All At Once

One month ago today, Andrew and I got married. I moved into our apartment in Pleasant Grove and out of Carriage Cove. You'd think those would be big enough changes to tide us over for the moment, but no. I've come to the realization in my life that we are tested by nothing happening or by everything happening all at the same time. The latter is the case in my life right now, but all the things that are happening are good things, so I can't complain too much.

The latest big change is that I got a new job. A new pretty amazing job. On paper, at least. I'll reserve complete judgement until I actually start. I will be working for a company called Health Catalyst, which is an IT consulting company in the healthcare industry. They actually recruited me because of my experience at KLAS. Who knew that working in the healthcare industry would be my road to opportunity? In the course of recruiting me, Health Catalyst actually created a new position for me, which is pretty cool. I will be managing their RFP process, which is technical to explain, especially since I don't know exactly what I'll be doing yet. I'm not sure that the company knows either. Regardless, it's an exciting position and a move up in the workplace. I think it will be great for me and Andrew.

But I think what I am most excited about is the fact that this job is in Salt Lake City. And since Andrew works in Midvale, it only makes sense for us to move out of Utah County. Keeping a 30–40 minute commute when we could have a 5–10 commute seems foolish. We'll be spending a fortune on gas the next couple of months until our current contract ends in June. I can't wait to move. I've wanted to move to Salt Lake for a long time now, and the circumstances are finally right.

It's amazing to me how everything works out. I tried for years to get a job in Salt Lake and move out of Provo, but it never worked. Then I tried simply to get out of student housing, and that didn't work either. Then I married Andrew, which got me out of Carriage Cove. Then we happened to get an apartment on a contract of six months. Then I get a job in Salt Lake that requires us to move, and I only have to commute for two months. The Lord truly knows what he's doing. And no matter how many times I think He doesn't, He proves me wrong time and again.

So life is crazy right now, but it is also very, very good.

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